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Yeshi Gluten Free Dressing

The Dressing Your
Taste Buds Have Been Searching For

Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Try It On Everything!

Yeshi Foods is a family owned, Canadian company dedicated to making gluten-free food taste good! Our products are based in nutritional yeast, making them a great addition for the plant-based lifestyle. Yeshi is a tasty addition to every kitchen!

Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Dressing

We Make Gluten-Free Taste Amazing!

Yeshi was born out of a desire for better wellness, we had no idea our dressings would become a national hit!

"This dressing is so tasty. I never buy store-bought dressing but this one is the exception!"

- Ellen


Yeshi Community Cookbook

As Yeshi became a kitchen staple for families across Canada our fans started tagging us in their recipe creations. Our community cookbook is full of recipes from our kitchen at Yeshi head quarters and from fans just like you!

Yeshi Low Res-7.jpg
Yeshi Plant Based Dressing


Yeshi Fundraising Program

The Yeshi Fundraising Program is an initiative started by co-founders Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt to give back to their local community. The program quickly expanded supporting communities across Canada. Looking to raise funds for your organization? Apply now!

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