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Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt


Paul and Barbara believe in sharing their success story to help other entrepreneurs navigate the world of business and CPG. If someone looks like they're successful, they probably have hundreds of stories of trial and error that led them to glory! If you want to meet with the Kleinschmidt's to "talk business", bounce any ideas off them, or hear what's worked and not worked for them, please fill out this form and they'll get back to you.

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Guest Speaking

Looking for a guest speaker for your next event?


Wheat and Your Wellness

In this signature talk, Paul shares his mental health journey and how the discovery of a gluten intolerance changed his life. His symptoms showed up as anxiety, depression, and anger, and he spent almost a decade working with our traditional medical system trying to find solutions. Upon implementing a gluten-free diet, his symptoms subsided and he started to thrive. 

Entrepreneurship in Consumer Packaged Goods 

Paul loves sharing the Yeshi story to inspire other entrepreneurs that you can create something from nothing. With a $2500 initial investment and a big idea, Paul and Barbara launched Yeshi at their local farmers market. Fast forward 5 years and Yeshi was found in over 700 retailers across Canada. With deep determination, a whole lot of intuition, and a super tasty product they've achieved success, and now they want to share their story with you!

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