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Our Team

We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive workplace that's fun and diverse. Meet the amazing humans behind the Yeshi brand!

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Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt, Co-Founders, Owners

Paul has a background in IT and is a serial entrepreneur with big ideas and an even bigger drive to prove something amazing can be made from nothing. Barb is a professional chef with a love for food, gardening and interior design. 


Why do you love working at Yeshi?

Paul: Because every day is a new adventure.

Barb: Because I love my Yeshi family!

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Mariella Lim, Operations Manager

Mariella brings a decade of expertise in retail buying and merchandising, her seasoned background allows her to contribute significantly to the Yeshi team. 

Why do you love working at Yeshi?

What excites me most is the prospect of witnessing Yeshi achieve remarkable milestones. As the brand expands, I anticipate it reaching greater heights and unlocking its full potential. 

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Critically acclaimed and published Chef dedicated to promoting local, sustainable farm-to-plate agriculture, with 30+ years of experience. Based on Vancouver Island with a restaurant and resort portfolio that includes high-end international positions in Thailand, Palm Springs California and London, England.

Why do you love working at Yeshi?

I enjoy working with a company that has values that align with my own, and to work with a product that people love sure makes life good.

David Sheffield,
Product Manager and Food Service Sales

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Irene Matthews,  Administrator and Bookkeeper

Irene has over 30 years experience working in the grocery and CPG industries. When she's not working hard at Yeshi she's enjoying time with her grandkids and 2 adorable pups. 

Why do you love working at Yeshi?

I love the people. I love coming to work a place where I feel valued and connected to the team.


Connor Fischbach, Business Development

Connor is a Victoria, BC native who has worked in business development, sales, and client relations for most of his career. He thrives in a role where he gets to get out of the office and create personable relationships that eventually grow into working partnerships.

Why do you love working at Yeshi?

I learn something new every day and I am so happy to have the opportunity to join such an awesome team with some amazing people. We pride ourselves on working together to achieve our goals and we look forward to our future success!!

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