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The Unbelievably Delicious Dressing Everyone Is Talking About!

Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing
Ingredients You Can Pronounce.

Yeshi is gluten-free and plant-based! Our dressings are also free of dairy, eggs and nuts. Oh, and you won't find any artificial colours or flavours in our recipe either. Only ingredients you'd have in your own kitchen.

So, what's in Yeshi then?

A question we get asked all of the time when we share all the things that aren't in Yeshi! Nutritional Yeast is the base in our dressings, giving them their delicious creamy texture and making them nutrient dense, including essential

B vitamins and amino acids.

Introducing Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Nutritional yeast is a naturally nutrient dense food. Used as a complete protein in plant based diets, it's also packed full of omegas and has B vitamins and essential amino acids. Nutritional yeast flakes are tasty as a healthy topper for popcorn, stirred in soups and gravies, sprinkled on roasted veggies and so much more!

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