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Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt

Our Story

Yeshi was an accidental success!

For over a decade Paul had been experiencing major fluctuations in his mood with periods of anxiety and depression that couldn't be explained by our traditional medical model. After trying a gluten-free diet and finding out that it was the solution to his health concerns, he started to find that most gluten-free foods lacked that pop of flavour he loved.


After seeing how Paul's mental health had improved so incredibly, Barbara, a professional chef, worked hard to create and refine the Yeshi recipe making it a dressing Paul would take everywhere! 

Friends and family raved about the flavour of the dressing, encouraging Paul and Barbara to sell it at their local farmer's market!

Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt

"Week after week we'd sell out of Yeshi at the market, that's when we knew we had to take this bigger!"

Yeshi Dressing
Yeshi Dressing

Since launching Yeshi in 2017, Paul and Barbara's journey has been a wild ride! They hadn't intended for Yeshi to become a national hit, they were simply trying to make gluten-free food taste good! Now with a small but mighty team of amazing people who support the company's vision, they're creating an adventure to excellence. Yeshi now proudly offers 5 flavours of dressings in over 700 grocers and markets across Canada, and the team looks forward to expanding with more products into the North American market in the near future!

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