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Our Mission

Yeshi was born out of a desire for better wellness and our mission is to bring awareness to mental health through good food. Paul had been experiencing fluctuations in his mood with periods of anxiety and depression. Barbara gifted him the book "Wheat Belly", which prompted a shift to a gluten-free diet, which alleviated Paul's mental health issues!

Our Values

At Yeshi Foods we promise to deliver unbelievably delicious gluten free foods and provide our fans with innovative and creative products that are nutrient rich and made with love.


We value treating everyone with respect and kindness

We strive for sustainability

We honour being flexible and open minded


We are on an adventure to excellence, which includes creating a culture of gratitude and fun for our customers and employees.

How It All Began

In just 6 years Yeshi has disrupted the salad dressing industry bringing a healthier option to the table and becoming a kitchen staple in houses across Canada with our nutritional yeast dressings.

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Fan Favourites

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